Trump accepted the invitation of Him to come to Paris for Bastille Day

Emmanuel macron and Donald trump

The President of the United States Donald trump accepted the invitation of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to visit Paris on the national holiday of France —Bastille Day, celebrated on 14 July. It is reported BFMTV with reference to the statement of the Elysee Palace.

As noted in the document, the leaders will attend the military parade, which is held annually on this day, on the Champs Elysees. “This year marks the centenary of when the United States entered the First world war. In the solemn March will take place and American soldiers”, — the document says.

As pointed out by the channel, despite the demonstration of historical solidarity, trump will not go along with a Macron on the same day in nice. There the French President needs to take part in the ceremony of commemoration of victims of the terrorist attack that occurred years ago.

After a celebratory salute in honor of Bastille Day on 14 July on the crowded promenade des Anglais in nice, drove a truck, at the wheel which there was a Tunisian Mohammed Boolell. He deliberately sent a multi-ton machine on the people and crushed pedestrians. Victims of the attack were 86 people. The terrorist was shot dead by police.