The water was a mixture of two different liquids

The water was a mixture of two different liquids

Scientists from Stockholm University and their colleagues have discovered that the water in the liquid state there are two different phases, significantly different from each other in structure and density.

The results of their experiments, the scientists said in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It is known that about 70 parameters (including density, melting point and specific heat) of water is different from other known human fluids. It is also known that ice exists in two forms: an ordered crystal (like on the river in winter) and more common in the Universe is amorphous, and the ice of the second type is both high and low density. The last two forms can transform into each other. Scientists admit that they are somehow connected with varieties of liquid water, which also are characterized by low and high density.

It is the link between the researchers and were able to fix with a combination of different methods of radiography. It turned out that amorphous ice is the glassy form of water. Scientists have followed his transformation from this state into a viscous liquid, which is then almost instantly turns to a more viscous liquid of lesser density. The experiments were carried out at low temperature (about 120 K), but, according to scientists, it speaks about the behavior of liquids at room conditions: water can’t decide what form it take (high or low density), hence local fluctuations between the two forms. In other words, water is a complex liquid, and two simple fluids in complex relations with each other.