The number of victims of a fire in a London high-rise building rose to 80 people

The death toll in a fire at an apartment building in London has increased to 80 people. About it reports Reuters, citing a police statement.

According to the investigator Fiona McCormack, to establish the exact number of victims of this tragedy will take a few months.

She also reported that in connection with the ongoing investigation law enforcement authorities investigate the documentation of about 60 companies that participated in the recent renovation of the skyscraper.

On June 19 the head of police of the British capital, Kandy Stewart stated that not all victims will be identified, and their number is expected to increase. “If the fire was the result of criminal negligence, I will do everything in my power to bring those responsible to justice,” promised Kandy.

The cause of the fire remains unknown. As reported by “Russian service Bi-bi-si”, among the most likely versions — defect wiring, gas explosion and fire of the refrigerator in one of the apartments. Some experts believe that the consequences of the fire could exacerbate the external cladding of the building is made of combustible materials.

A fire in a 24-storey residential building in the British capital began on the night of 14 June. The building burned down almost completely. Most tenants were immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.