The North Korean authorities threatened with death, the former President of South Korea

Park Geun-Hye

DPRK authorities have promised to impose a death sentence on former President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye and the head of intelligence of the country, Lee Byung-Ho in plotting the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. This is stated in the joint statement of the Ministry of state security (MGB), the Department of homeland security (DHS) and the General Prosecutor’s office of Korea, which is published by the Agency KCNA.

“Declare inside the country and outside of it that will condemn the perpetrators in the preparation state the largest terrorist act — izmeniti Park Geun-Hye and the head of the puppet intelligence service Lee Byung-Ho, has developed a forced egregious and nefarious intentions to harm our guide to capital punishment”, — the document says.

In addition, the statement indicated that the perpetrators can’t count on mercy, “even if they die a dog’s death”.

May 5, Pyongyang accused Seoul and Washington of plotting to kill Kim Jong UN. “The murderous demons of the intelligence Service [South Korea] and the CIA recruited a North Korean citizen named Kim, who worked in logging in the Khabarovsk region, Russia in June 2014, and by indoctrination turning him into a terrorist filled with disgust and thirst for revenge to the Supreme leadership of the DPRK,” — said in an official statement.

As follows from its text, originally it was planned that during one of the events the saboteur Kim will put in action the explosive device, resulting in die North Korean leaders. But later the plans changed: the elimination of Kim Jong-UN decided to hold with the use of highly-toxic biochemical substances.