The cost of the lives of Russians today amounted to $ 1.2 million

The cost of the lives of Russians today amounted to $ 1.2 million

The cost of the lives of Russians today is $ 1.2 million, estimated by analysts at Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation jointly with Rosgosstrakh. The calculations take the average income in the country, duration of employment and according to international standards of compensation for moral damage.

Plus there consider themselves Russians. They were asked to name the amount to which I would like to count family at the death of their relatives in the accident on transport and industry. By the way, they were quite modest.

On average, the world price of life is estimated at 2.6 million dollars.

In Russia in 2015 it amounted to 624 thousands of dollars, and now, it turns out, rose two times. Why? Growth went paycheck, people become more confident in the labor market, lists the rector of the financial University Alex Barb. “In this regard, increasing the amount that people think is fair compensation when the death of a person,” he says.

The Russians rated their lives lower than the total amount of analysts. Conducted in the course of the study, population surveys show that people consider fair compensation of 5.7 million rubles (about 96 thousand dollars at today’s exchange rate) when the death of a person in a disaster on the transport or in the performance of official duties. And when receiving disability compensation equal to the expected 4.8 million rubles (about 81 thousand dollars).

“These polls show how Russians unassuming. As they are modest in their expectations,” — said the Professor of the Department of labour and social policy, Institute of public administration and management (IIPAM) at Ranepa Love Khrapylina.

The most expensive measure your life young people and wealthy people

The highest price of human life give the youngest, most educated and the richest participants in the study. So, respondents in the younger category (18-30 years) estimated life of 7.7 million (130 thousand dollars), people with higher education, 6.8 million (115 million dollars).

And citizens, whose financial state allows them to buy a house, I believe that when the death of a relative should pay his family no less than 9.1 million rubles (154 thousand USD).

The lowest “cost” of life make people who barely have enough food to 3.2 million (54 thousand dollars).

The highest demands for compensation occurred among residents of the two capitals. Muscovites with a large margin of regions of your life worth 10.4 million (176 thousand dollars), in St. Petersburg, this amount is equal to 7.4 (125 thousand dollars) million rubles.

Low “cost” of living in Togliatti, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Penza.

The residents of these cities think sufficient payments from 1.9 to 2.3 million rubles for the death of a person (from 32 to 39 thousand dollars).

It should be noted that even these modest estimates of the value of human life very different from the amount of actual compensation stipulated in our country, as well as the standard recognized in judicial practice. So, according to the law on insurance the family of a man killed in the accident, are eligible for reimbursement in the amount of 500 thousand rubles (about 8,5 thousand dollars), the cost of living of public passenger transport is estimated at 2 million rubles (34 thousand dollars).

Until recently the same amount was estimated lives of the passengers, however after Russia’s accession to the Montreal Convention the compensation to the families of those killed in the crash was raised to 100 thousand SDR that is at the current rate of 8.3 million (140 thousand dollars).

At the same time Russia is not very high compensation for victims and families of victims according to the results of judicial decisions. Practice shows that the moral damages to the families of the people rarely exceeds 700 thousand rubles (11,8 thousand dollars).

“The government really underestimates the real damage, how that word is appropriate in this case, when the death of the people,” said Love Khrapylina. She explains that the majority of Russians consider the payment as an amount that should mitigate the loss. While the meaning of this compensation is to compensate the family of the income that would bring her dead man. “Therefore, to correctly calculate compensation taking into account lost man-years of life”, — says the expert.

The world is a very large amount.

For example, the families of the victims of September 11 in the United States received only for moral damage compensation of $ 4 million.

And relatives of passengers killed in the French Alps on the plane, which was operated by the pilot is suicidal, received $ 2 million. That’s why the final figure of the financial University at first glance, seems so big, because the wages in Russia on average are not so high. Here the “weather made” it is moral compensation according to international standards.