Taylor showed a photo in a swimsuit



Natalia Polonskaya has published his photos in the pool. Former Prosecutor and now a Deputy of the State Duma depicted in them in the company of dolphins.

“In Crimea, even dolphins gallant. And in General, the best! Come!” – Poklonskaya wrote in the comments to the photos posted in the personal blog of Natalia on Twitter. Apparently, the photos were taken at the Yalta Dolphinarium.

The photos show that the proximity to the dolphins Polonskaya like. In any case, she looks happy. Earlier in his interview with state Duma Deputy talked about his love of dolphins. According to Natalia, her favorite animals. Joint bathing with them is a personal recipe ex-Prosecutor from depression and bad mood. Moreover, any spleen can cure the native Natalia Crimea, where Russia moved with his parents in his ten years.

As previously reported Dni.ru Natalia Poklonskaya broke up with a man who was planning to marry. In addition, the former Prosecutor of the Crimea explained why was previously married.

“Indeed, I said earlier in the press that I have a wonderful family: a husband, a child. And when I said I was in a relationship with a man with whom we had intended to issue them,” says the ex-Prosecutor of Crimea.

According to the Russian hypnology Gennadiya Goncharova, Natalia would later meet a man with whom a possible Union of love. Natalia is multi-faceted, plays the piano, loves to draw and to watch figure skating, she engaged in physical activity. As said Natalia, “the Prosecutor should be smart, handsome, in good physical shape is the same officer.” Gennady Goncharov is convinced that with such qualities and beliefs in the near future Natalia is rapidly going up the ladder.