Putin visited the resident of the home emergency in Izhevsk

Polypropolene Vladimir Putin gave a ticket to Sochi resident Barack from Izhevsk

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin fulfilled his promise and came to the house to the inhabitant of Izhevsk who complained fault condition is your housing in a straight line. On Tuesday, June 27, RIA Novosti reported.

Anastasia Votintseva met the President on the porch of a wooden house in which he lives along with their three children and sister. As reported, the President clearly see in uninhabitable conditions “from the porch”: a wooden staircase, where residents enjoy daily, rotten.

According to Votintseva, the house is not installed gas, and water supply for the residents conducted their own expense. A resident noted that after a straight line the driveway, which was in the pits, filled with gravel.

June 15 in a live TV broadcast, a resident of Izhevsk complained about the living conditions: “we summer in the apartments very damp, very cold in the winter. We just heat the stove around the clock, but through the cracks in the walls still all blows out. Our children are constantly sick.” Votintseva said that the house was declared an emergency, but stood in line for demolition only in 2029. “Mr President, how are we to live in such conditions for another 12 years?” — asked the woman. The President promised to come and personally “see what happens”.

Vladimir Putin has arrived to Izhevsk with a working trip in which course will visit the Kalashnikov concern and will take part in meeting of Bureau of the Russian engineering Union and the League of assistance to defense enterprises.