Peskov commented on the attack of the virus-ransomware Petya

Dmitry Peskov

Cyber attack virus-ransomware Petya, paralyzing system of some Ukrainian and Russian companies, has not compromised the computer systems of the presidential administration and the Kremlin website. This was stated press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. His words on Wednesday, June 28, the correspondent “”.

“The attacks are, they, unfortunately, continue. Like the massive cyber attack once again confirms the correctness of the thesis of the Russian side, which she presented at various levels, that the existence of such risk requires collaboration and cooperation at the international level”, — said Peskov.

To date, he said, no one country alone cannot effectively counter the cyber threat.

According to Group-IB, 27 Jun virus Petya in Russia and Ukraine suffered more than 80 companies. In particular, the attack were “Rosneft”, “Bashneft”, Mars, Nivea and Mondelez International (maker of chocolate Alpen Gold), “Zaporozhyeoblenergo”, “Ukrtelecom” and was paralyzed Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This is stated in the message of the company Group-IB, which deals with the prevention and investigation of cybercrime.

Petya virus into the corporate network through phishing emails containing a malicious link. When link is activated, the virus blocked the computers and demanded a ransom of $ 300 in bitcoins for the restoration of access to it.

Later, the specialists of Positive Technologies, specializing in information security, calculated kill-switch is able to locally disable the Trojan.