Irkutsk was left without a direct election of the mayor

Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region has rejected a draft law on returning of direct elections of the mayor of Irkutsk. This was reported on the website of the regional Parliament on Wednesday, June 28.

Against voted 26 people, nine, two abstained, said

According to the Chairman of the legislation Committee on state building and local self-government of Boris Alekseev, the current method of electing the mayor cannot be regarded as a restriction of the electoral rights of citizens, because it is based on norms of the Federal legislation. In addition, according to Alekseeva, its validity was confirmed by the constitutional court of Russia.

With the legislative initiative to return to direct gubernatorial elections were deputies from the faction of the Communist party. The document proposes to establish as the sole method of electing the heads of municipal formations of the Angara direct elections. For these purposes it was necessary to delete the provision limiting the action of this norm in Irkutsk, and also to recognize as invalid article, regulating a special procedure of election of heads of municipality, reports FederalPress.

Direct election of the mayor of Irkutsk was abolished in 2015. The mayor now elect a local legislature.