In the United States began testing of the patch from the flu

In the United States began testing of the patch from the flu

In the United States passed the first stage of clinical trials of the patch with the vaccine against influenza, which in the future can replace traditional injections. The invention of scientists from the University of Georgia and Emory University may be on sale in the U.S. in a few years.

The patch contains a capsule with a vaccine — and on the other side of it which is adjacent to the skin, rows of little needles. When the adhesive is used, the needle vaccine administered under the top layer of skin and dissolve.

According to the developers of the patch, it can help people who have no opportunity to take root the traditional method. People suffering from trypanophobia, and little children, which needles too, often don’t like.

The patch can help with mass vaccination in poor countries due to the fact that can be stored in almost any conditions — it is not necessary to put in the refrigerator.

Another advantage of the patch — no pain at vaccination. The patch was studied with hundred volunteers, of which parallel did the ordinary shots. The injections were much more painful, and those who experienced only the patch, side effects do not go beyond the lung itching.

“We can imagine that it will be used for vakcinacije at home or even [sent] by mail,” — says one of the developers of the patch, Dr. Nadine Rural.

Dissolving needles allow without the danger of throwing away the patches in household trash, in contrast to the syringe.