Baghdasaryan wanted to talk to Putin about the tyranny

Mara Baghdasaryan

Stritreysera Mara Baghdasaryan with his lawyer came to the office of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is reported by REN TV.

According to the lawyer of David Kemularia, the purpose of the visit was to inform the President about, “what tyranny is happening in the Savelovsky court of the land.” The lawyer believes that the judge is putting pressure on police officers and prosecutors, and “ridicule Maru”.

As reports the Agency “Moscow”, June 27 Kemularia announced plans to visit the office of the President that he “intervened and dealt with the situation”. That day, as noted by the lawyer, the court again did not accept the administrative material, compiled by the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSP) due to the deviation Baghdasaryan from compulsory work.

26 June, the world court area of the Airport was returned to FSP Protocol “to eliminate violations”. Before the meeting, the representative of Department explained that she will one day come to work at all, and others have worked fewer hours instead. Kemularia stated that his client in good faith “takes her punishment”.

In March, he was sentenced to a year of corrective works with deduction of 15 percent of earnings to the state it was found guilty of knowingly using a forged document. The court found that she had purchased from an unidentified person fake sick to avoid previously assigned compulsory work (595 hours). Later in the same month, Baghdasaryan permanently deprived of the driving licence due to the fact that she has epilepsy.

In particular, compulsory work she was appointed in November 2016, during the consideration of dozens of protocols on the fact of non-payment of fines for violation of traffic rules. Stritreysera became a laborer in the GBU “zhilischnik” area of the Falcon, however, soon began to evade the duties, for which she was given 15 days of administrative arrest.

Baghdasarian was a witness in loud criminal case about race and the police in Gelandewagen son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov in may 2016.