American police accused of conspiracy to conceal the murder of a Negro

Three police officers of the city of Chicago (Illinois, USA) was accused of conspiring to conceal the murder of a black teenager. About it reports BBC News.

“From the indictment, it is clear that clients are not only kept an informal “conspiracy of silence”, they lied about the incident to mislead the investigation and not let him get to the truth,” said special Prosecutor Patricia brown.

The murder occurred in October 2014. The guards claimed that Laquan MacDonald attacked them with a knife. But the record issued later, proved that the teenager really had a knife, was said to the police, but he did not rush at them, and walked in the opposite direction. One of the officers, Jason van dyke, jumped out of the car and shot him with 16 bullets, shooting the whole store.

24 November 2015 in the court of the Prosecutor’s office in Chicago charged with premeditated murder.