12 Russian universities included in the Shanghai ranking of universities ARWU

12 Russian universities included in the Shanghai ranking of universities ARWU

MOSCOW, 28 Jun — RIA Novosti. Twelve Russian universities became the subject of the Shanghai ranking of universities Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (ARWU), among which the best results were achieved Lomonosov MSU, announced the press service of the project “Social Navigator” MIA “Russia today”, who prepared a Russian version of rating.

“The twenty-eighth of June has been published the results of one of the most authoritative world rankings — Shanghai subject ranking of universities Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (ARWU). For the first time this rating includes 12 universities, eight are participants of the Project “5-100″ (to raise the competitiveness of Russian universities)”, — stated in the message.

As explained in a press-service of the project “5-100”, the latest subject ranking ARWU, was published in 2015. The ranking was carried out according to five subject areas: mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and Economics/business.

In 2016 was published by the specialized rating on engineering Sciences. Universities were ranked according to seven subject areas.

Major changes of the rating methodology of 2017 began expanding the range of subject ratings from 5 to 52, an increase in accounting bibliometric performance of universities from two to five years, as well as a number of changes in the ranking indicators.

Just when you compose a new rating was estimated at about 4 thousand universities.

“The withdrawal of the Russian version of the study prepared by the “Social Navigator” MIA “Russia today” are especially relevant today — in recent days, Russian students make their choice of both Russian and foreign universities”, — said the Director of “Social Navigator” Natalia Tyurina.

She noted that the ranking shows which universities in the world, really have research potential and solid academic reputation, which is important for graduates of Russian schools who plan to connect their lives with science.

“Social Navigator” — advocacy project MIA “Russia today”, aims to cover a wide range of socially significant problems and issues: medicine, education, palliative care, charity, volunteering, migration and others.

The project includes such products as the “Navigator of the applicant”, “Profstandart teachers: new opportunities for growth”, “Best schools of Russia”, “Children holiday”, “Find me, mom” and “Help”. “Social Navigator” in 2016, was recognized as the best social project of Russia and received the prestigious international prize at the PRGN Best Practice Awards.

The success of the Russian universities

Just in the subject rankings were 12 Russian universities, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk state University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Higher school of Economics, MIPT, MEPhI, MISIS, Saint Peterburgsky Polytechnic University of Peter the Great, Ufa state aviation technical University and Belgorod state national research University.

According to the rating results, Moscow University is a leader among all the Russian universities by the number of items — 14, as well as in places — the highest result the University became the 43rd place in physics.

Universities-participants of the project “5-100” was ranked in nine subject categories, while some managed to get in ARWU Academic Subjects on several items, so in total, the universities made it to the top 16 times. Leaders for this indicator became the Higher school of Economics (included in the four substantive rating), MIPT and Novosibirsk state University (able to take positions in three subject rankings).

According to the rating, the largest number of Russian universities included in the subject category “Physics” — of the seven universities, of which five participants of the project”5-100.

Among universities “5-100” the best results showed the HSE and Misa, who managed to get a hundred leaders of Higher school of Economics is among the top-100 of subject rating of “Sociology”, located in group 51-75, and Misa was one of the best Russian universities at metallurgy, taking place in the group 76-100.

“Rating once again shows that MSU is serious competition to the leading universities of the world. Entering Moscow University among the best universities in the world in 14 subjects demonstrates the correctness of our strategy in implementation of the program of development of MSU. I want to emphasize growth in the subject area “physics”. Undoubtedly, this effect of our successes in the space program, Photonics, participation in the project LIGO and other areas of physics,” — said RIA Novosti, the Moscow University rector Viktor Sadovnichy.

However, he noted that MSU is closely following the world rankings, but in the first place puts the daily work on the preparation of highly qualified specialists in humanitarian and natural-scientific fields, the intellectual elite of the country.

According to the rector of MISIS Alevtina Chernikova, in 2017, the University first became a member of the QS and ARWU in five areas and two of them (“engineering — mining” and “metallurgy”) was included in the top 100 universities in the world.

The rector of MEPhI Mikhail Strikhanov said that the entry of the University in the Shanghai ranking due to the increase of efficiency of scientific activities of the University, in particular growth in recent years, the number of scientific articles of scientists MIFI in the most cited journals. “The significant role played by the participation of the University in the project “5-100″ to transform MIFI in world-class University,” added the rector.