The pair in the Annunciation cemetery tombstone turned in the grill

Unknown had a picnic at the cemetery, located in the city of Blagoveshchensk in the Amur region. Thus the man and the woman used one of the tombstones as a grill, said “Amur news service,” local.

According to him, the meal, the pair was organized on Saturday, June 24. “Frankly, the cemetery is always a mess — overturned tombstones not cleaned. But what I saw that day shocked. I passed by but then returned and photographed,” said an eyewitness.

He added that on one of the graves sat a man and a woman, in appearance they were forty. “Both well-dressed. They had two liters of beer, salads, and hand — on adapted for the grill tombstone — smoldering embers”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

After the publication of the material on the website of the regional Department of the Ministry of interior reported about the beginning of the inspection information.

“Tombstone-the broiler” has been removed from the cemetery. As the claim of the municipal enterprise of GSTK, this tomb was not there, the monument was intended for disposal.

“The” says that the incident occurred at ascension cemetery was closed for burials in 1995.