The Kremlin has promised to keep control of the landfill in Balashikha

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Peskov

President Vladimir Putin regularly receives the information from the Moscow authorities about the situation with municipal solid waste (MSW) “Kuchino” in Balashikha. This was reported by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports the correspondent of”.ru” on Tuesday, June 27.

“The Governor [of the Moscow region Andrei] sparrows constantly reports to the head of state. In addition, the President in the near future in terms of integrated solutions plans to hold a separate meeting with [the Minister of natural resources Sergei] don, where, in particular, will discuss these issues,” — said Peskov.

According to a spokesperson, the theme of landfills in the Moscow region is discussed not the first year. “She just sounded so badly on a straight line, but the Governor, of course, long been engaged in these issues. We all understand that this is a very complex decision that requires a comprehensive response,” — said the official representative of the Kremlin.

The question regarding availability of infrastructure for removal of garbage, the Sands, is difficult, since there are “many pitfalls,” but “this does not mean that problem does not need to solve.”

Earlier Tuesday it was reported that the head of city district Balashikha Eugene Zhirkov wrote a statement of resignation at own will.

June 22 sparrows decided to suspend the operation of the landfill “Kuchino”. Earlier in the day, the President has set the task within a month to close the landfill, on which he complained to the residents of Balashikha in a straight line.

The landfill site is subject to remediation, which, according to preliminary estimates, will cost four billion rubles. According to the Minister of environment of the region Alexander Kogan, subsequently, the landfill can be used for recreational purposes.