Poll: Donald trump has damaged the reputation of America in the world

Poll: Donald trump has damaged the reputation of America in the world

The presidency of Donald trump greatly influenced how people in other countries belong to America, it follows from the results of a recently completed global public opinion poll.

Specialists of the center the Pew Research Center interviewed more than 40 thousand people in 37 countries.

The results of the study indicate that the new American President and his policy “not generally popular all over the world.”

Only two countries belong to the Trump better than his predecessor, Barack Obama: Russia and Israel.

However, the majority of respondents believe that the relations of their countries with the United States will not change in the coming years.

The survey was conducted between 16 February and 8 may this year.

Trump trusted less than Obama

Pew Research Center conducted one survey at the end of the presidency of Barack Obama, and the second at the beginning of the presidency of Donald trump. People were asked whether they consider that the American President is acting correctly in international Affairs.

In South Korea, for example, more than 80% believed in the correctness of the actions of President Obama and only less than 20% adhered to this point of view regarding trump. Similar figures are observed in Canada, UK and Australia.

The exception was Russia, where trusted Obama about 10%, and Trump — just over half of the respondents, and Israel, where Obama was hoping about 50%, and trump — just over half of respondents.

Donald trump almost from the first moment of his presidency engaged in international politics. He made it clear, for example, expects that NATO will spend most of the budget on defense. He recently urged Arab Gulf countries to isolate Qatar.

His presidency is so worried old allies that after the meeting with trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that, in her view, Europe can no longer rely on Washington.

Confidence in the correctness of the actions of the American President the biggest decline among traditional allies of America. If 86% of the German population believed that President Obama is pursuing the right policies, in respect of the President of trump this figure fell to 11%.

For his first five months as President, Donald trump, however, tried to establish relations with other important countries — for example, he has visited Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Attention trump Israel increased its popularity in this country, though it may be a result of the fact that President Obama has not enjoyed great confidence of the Israelites.

India is another country where more or less positive attitude to Donald Trump. 40% of respondents there believe that trump is pursuing the right policies. 58% thought the same about President Obama.

In most countries, the Trump bad attitude

Respondents were asked to describe the seven character traits of a President trump: could it be considered a strong leader, a man with charisma, competent, caring about others, arrogant, intolerant or threat.

In the report of the Pew Research Center shows that, out of all the character qualities trump most choose the definition of “puffy”.

Residents of 26 of the 37 countries consider Donald trump’s “dangerous”.

Here it should be noted that the answers depend on the beliefs of respondents: those who held more left-wing views much more often think of Donald trump dangerous man. However, in Peru and Brazil, this view is often shared by people with centrist political views.

Almost everywhere Donald trump is considered a strong leader, especially in Latin America and Africa. Few people considers him competent.

The ban on entry into the United States has undermined America’s image

The survey results were released a few hours after the U.S. Supreme court has partially approved a decree trump banning the entry of citizens of six countries, predominantly populated by Muslims.

The ban, which was blocked by lower courts, is extremely unpopular among 62% of respondents in most of the 37 countries. It is supported only in Russia, Hungary and Israel.

It is not surprising that this ban is particularly unpopular in the Muslim countries against him, 96% of respondents in Jordan, 88% in Lebanon and 82% in Senegal.

That’s all that matters

That’s not the point of view of Bi-bi-si, according 40447 people surveyed by the Pew Research Center.

People may be concerned that a trump presidency could mean for their country, many consider it dangerous and arrogant man, but that doesn’t mean they think his presidency will somehow affect their personal lives.

Of course, not all think so, but on average, 41% of respondents think that the relations of their country with the United States will not change.

Although only 15% believe that these relations will improve, residents of some countries is extremely optimistic, especially in Africa: 54% of respondents in Nigeria and 51% in Ghana believe that everything will be better. The same view is held by 53% of Russians, who in General have a positive attitude to Trump.

People in Mexico are pessimistic all the others in regard to future relations with the United States.

What in America?

This study was conducted abroad, but in another recent report from Pew says that the popularity of Donald trump among Americans remains low from the beginning of his presidency.

Only 39% of Americans believe that trump performs his duties well. Among African Americans this figure barely reaches 7%.

However, it is still popular with 81% of Republicans or those who support Republicans believe trump is running well.