Petrishenko spoke on the topic of the SSC meeting of Belarus and Russia


RIA Novosti

The most important topic of the meeting of the Supreme state Council (SSC) of the Union state of Belarus and Russia, which will be held June 30 in Moscow, will be the industrial cooperation between the two countries, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Ambassador of Belarus in Moscow Igor Petrishenko.

According to him, the upcoming meeting is important to review conceptual issues on the bilateral agenda that requires relevant decisions of heads of state. The Ambassador noted that the most important topics is, in particular, the problem of equal access of economic entities to the markets of Belarus and Russia in terms of procurement, construction, subsidies for the production of industrial products and implementation of joint projects in the agricultural sector.

“Of course, the key question – industrial cooperation. Pursuing a coordinated industrial policy, we must not only declare, but also have a expand long-term cooperation, implementing concrete bilateral projects, and to develop new production, including in the framework of import substitution and deepening of scientific-technical cooperation,” said Petrishenko.

According to him, the work in this direction and will soon become aware of a specific experience. “It is important to understand the main thing. The objects of these transactions should ultimately be given a new impetus to the dynamic development and bring more benefits to the peoples – that is the main goal. On the specific practices we will soon find out,” said the Ambassador.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said last week that the meeting of the Supreme state Council of the need to spend so that this event “took a step forward,” relations between the two countries in the practice.