Media: FCS will have access to the database


© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov

Customs officers in the next three years will have access to information resources of “Mail of Russia” that will help them be better to find parcels of drugs, explosives and weapons, said Deputy head of the Federal customs service (FCS) Anatoly Seryshev in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The publication says that in recent years the trafficking of drugs in Russia with the help of parcels has become one of the most popular ways of their delivery to the territory of the country. So in 2016, the customs officers found more than 120 kilograms of drugs in international mail, with the beginning of 2017 — more than 30 pounds.

“We must effectively stop the smuggling of drugs and arms in mail order shipments. To do this, the customs investigative units must actively work with the information collections. Speech, certainly, goes about the analysis. Detailed information on mail order shipments need in order to pursue not only individual seizures of individual shipments of drugs or weapons, but to open channels of supply chain of suppliers”, — said the Seryshev in an interview.

He added that at present technical means of information interaction between the FTS and “Mail of Russia” worked, and all procedures will be in accordance with international and Russian law.

Newspaper interviewed experts believe that, most likely, the FCS will get to access the mail database, the customs officers will know who and where gets the parcel. After analyzing this data the experts will be able to enter the channels of supply of weapons, drugs or commercial quantities of goods that are not taxed.