In the administration Poroshenko disclosed details of the “formula Rules”

In the administration Poroshenko disclosed details of the “formula Rules”

Moscow. June 27. INTERFAX.RU — President of France Emmanuel macron suggested that the leaders of the countries-participants of the Normandy format (Ukraine, Germany, France, Russia) to agree on concrete practical steps towards implementation of the Minsk agreements, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev.

“Today, it is agreed that in the near future, preferably before the summit of “twenty” (G-20, held on 7-8 July — if), to hold a telephone conference of the leaders of the “Norman format” with the participation of leaders of the OSCE SMM. It is expected that the conversation the leaders should be practical, thoroughly prepared and aimed at effectively addressing the pressing problems in the field of security in the Donbass,” — said Elisha to “Interfax”, summarizing the results of negotiations of presidents of Ukraine and France in Paris.

He noted that we are talking about the preparation of an appropriate set of priority issues that could be presented to the heads of the “Norman Quartet.”

In particular, it is planned to discuss how to achieve full compliance with the ceasefire regime, to provide unhindered access of the OSCE SMM to all uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donbass, to ensure the safety of international observers, the breeding of the parties and the withdrawal of heavy weaponry, the release of prisoners.

An important element of these proposals should be to create conditions for gradual recovery of Ukraine, its territorial integrity, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine.

“That is, the so-called “formula Rules” provides for joint purposeful work, through small but concrete steps to ensure full implementation of the Minsk agreements. While there is an understanding that the key issues of the so-called security package of the Minsk agreements is a priority,” — said Elisha.

In General, according to him, during the negotiations, the French President confirmed his commitment as the resumption of peace and security in the Donbass, and the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

“At the same time, he acknowledged that the need to give new impetus to the channel negotiation process, to bring him out of a state of stagnation. The President also Makron is determined to reach a specific result,” — said Elisha.