The U.S. Supreme court allowed the Tramp to enter partial “ban on the entry of Muslims”

Donald Trump

The U.S. Supreme court allowed the President to Donald Trump to partially carry into effect the decree banning the entry into the country to citizens of the six predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Sudan) and all, without exception for refugees. About it reports Reuters.

According to the verdict, restrictions on entry to a particular group of citizens shall not affect the rights of Americans, and therefore can be introduced by the President. The exception would be those “forbidden” countries that have any relationship with the citizens of the United States: a ban against them declared invalid by the court. Court approval is temporary — is fully the case will be considered in October, but until then the decree will operate.

Trump, who took office of President in January, often being accused of bad attitude towards Muslims. So, one of his first decrees was the anti-immigrant law — the citizens of the seven States in which Islam is the dominant religion, were forbidden entry into the United States. The document caused a wave of protests and was subsequently blocked by a judge of the court of Appeals for the ninth circuit in San Francisco.

A second decree to toughen immigration policy trump signed on March 6. He had 90 days to prohibit the entry of citizens of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Sudan, as well as to suspend the program of reception of refugees in 120 days. The document was blocked by a court decision in Hawaii. Critics of the decrees noted that they are in fact the ban on the entry of Muslims and not a measure of prevention of terrorism.