The Russians considered Putin is an outstanding historical figure

Vladimir Putin

Sociologists “Levada-the centre” invited the Russians to choose the most influential, in their opinion, a historical figure. First place in the list went to the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, the most outstanding person in the history he is considered by 38 percent of respondents. On Monday, June 26, write “news”.

Second place, according to a study shared by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. So said 34 percent of respondents. The newspaper drew attention to the fact that Pushkin was in the list since 1989, when the survey was conducted for the first time, and Putin got in the three leaders for the first time.

Third place went to the Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin: the most influential historical figure he was presumed to be 32 percent of study participants. Thus sociologists have concluded the gradual reduction of its popularity.

Total rating of “Levada-center” was 20 positions. In it, in particular, got the Emperor Peter I, cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin, the generals Georgy Zhukov and Mikhail Kutuzov, poet Sergei Yesenin, as well as the scientists Isaac Newton and albert Einstein.

The survey was conducted from 7 to 10 April, was attended by 1.6 thousand people from 137 communities in 48 regions of Russia.

In may, the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) has published results of a poll in which Putin’s activity as head of state positively estimated of 82.1% of the population.