The minimum set of products in Russia rose sharply

The minimum set of foodstuff in Russia has risen in price from January to may by 9.4 per cent to 4036 rubles. This is evidenced by recent data of Rosstat. The most rapid price increases occurred in April-may, amounting to 4.2 percent.

Inflation in January — may amounted to 1.7 percent. Thus, the cost of consumer basket increased up to five times faster than the official inflation.

Grocery stores, at least in Moscow in may was 4945 rubles, having increased since beginning of the year to 11.1 percent. In St. Petersburg the rise in prices since the beginning of January was 9.8 percent — up to 4888 rubles.

According to industry experts interviewed by the newspaper “Izvestia”, the increase in the cost of the minimum set of products impacted by the substantial rise in prices of imported fruit and vegetable products for some items has already reached 80 percent.

Executive Director, National Union of vegetable producers Mikhail Glushkov noted that in this period of the year in Russia traditionally there is a lack of vegetables — since January, its import, which is reflected in the prices. According to him, this is because the country does not have enough storage, which would allow to own summer harvest to consume domestic products.

Among vegetables and fruit significantly increased the prices of white cabbage (1.4%), potatoes, onions, carrots and beets (in 1,2-1,3 times) and apples (7.5 percent). The cucumbers fell by 26.4%, tomatoes — by 11.5 percent.

A minimal set of products whose value is calculated by Rosstat, includes various types of meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, bread, vegetables and fruit, cereals, noodles, several types of oils, tea, biscuits, caramel, sugar and salt — just 33 names. When calculating the service uses average prices for products in the region and the consumption of goods.