The former head of the FSB: the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism will undoubtedly benefit

Nikolay Kovalev

© Alexander Mudrats/TACC

Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted for ratification to the state Duma, the Council of Europe Convention on laundering, search, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds from crime and on the financing of terrorism of 16 may 2005. The former Director of FSB of the Russian Federation, and nowadays – the Deputy of state Duma, special representative of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly on counter-terrorism, Nikolay Kovalev told TASS about the history of the signing of this document, its importance to the destruction of channels of financing of insurgents, and the timing of the Convention with Russian law.

Currently operates eight international conventions on terrorism, and 13 international conventions, where a different measure focuses on the aspects of counter-terrorism. This, for example, the Council of Europe Convention against manipulation of sports competitions in 2014.

Thus, since 1949, when it adopted the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war, where the warring parties were forbidden the use of terror against the civilian population, up to 2009, the birth of the Convention of the Shanghai cooperation organization against terrorism, there are 21 international anti-terrorist Convention. This is without international resolutions, declarations, recommendations, multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements. Their list is approaching six hundred.