In a hotel pool in Los Angeles flew the car

In a hotel pool in Los Angeles flew the car

MOSCOW, June 26 — RIA Novosti. The car in the accident entered into the pool one of the hotels in the American city of Los Angeles, California, eight people were injured, reports channel KABC TV, citing police.

The incident occurred at about 19.30 local time (5.30 GMT). According to police, a car driven by a young man broke through a brick fence of the hotel and flew to a building near the pool. At this point in the pool where several children aged six to 10 years. The accident none of them was seriously injured.

As Many As 8 Hurt — 1 Critically — After Vehicle Slams Into Motel Pool

— CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) 26 Jun 2017

The driver of the vehicle was taken to hospital. The police are trying to figure out whether he was in the time of the accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs.