The number of dead after a fire truck in Pakistan has increased to 148

The death toll in the result of ignition of a fuel tanker in Pakistan has increased to 148 people, more 50 injured are in critical condition. On Sunday, June 25, reports the Associated Press.

Earlier it was reported about 123 casualties and 40 wounded. The incident occurred in the city of Bahawalpur (Punjab). Local residents gathered to collect fuel flowing from the capsized motorway tanks, but the fire broke out. The majority of victims have burns covering 80 per cent of the body.

Video: Viral India / YouTube

Rescue service ferried some of the wounded to hospitals by helicopter of the Pakistan air force. Many of the victims of the incident can not be identified, their identification will require genetic examination, say local authorities.

On June 14 in London in a multistory building fire occurred. Missing and dead are considered to be 79 people. The building burned down almost completely.

In October 2016 aboard oil tankers, standing under unloading at the Chinese port of Dongfang, the explosion occurred. At the moment of explosion in the vessel’s tanks was 3.4 thousand tons of oil. About the leak in the port water area were not reported.