The AirAsia plane “was shaking like a washing machine.”

The AirAsia plane “was shaking like a washing machine.”

The plane Malaysian airline AirAsia X flight EN route to Kuala Lumpur, was forced to turn back to Australia because of problems with the engine. According to passengers, the ship “shook like a washing machine”.

According to the pilot, the decision to return to Perth within 90 minutes after departure was taken for “technical reasons”.

“The reaction of the crew was noticeable that everything is very bad” — said the TV channel Hey-bi-si, the passenger Sophie Nicholas.

The plane landed safely at 10:00 local time on Sunday (02:00 UTC).

“I was crying, many people crying, trying to call the moms and stuff, but we essentially had nothing to do, we could only wait and trust the captain,’ said Nicholas. — When we landed, all loudly applauded”.

As reported by Hey-bi-si, North of Perth in readiness were given the Maritime rescue service in the event of a water landing.

Representatives of low-fire AirAsia X has not commented on the incident. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.

Hundreds of passengers have spent more than an hour fearing for their lives when their @AirAsia plane started shaking violently. #7News

— 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) 25 Jun 2017