Rogozin jokingly suggested to build in Serbia wood s-300

Rogozin jokingly suggested to build in Serbia wood s-300

BELGRADE, 25 Jun — RIA Novosti. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says Serbia Russian s-300 is not needed, it is sufficient to build of wood, and the West is frightened.

In the Serbian city of Niš in 2012 was established the Russian-Serbian humanitarian centre in order to respond to emergency situations that, as said Rogozin, for some reason, scares Western countries.

“Therefore, I say, s-300 Serbs is not necessary. Enough wood to build the s-300, they (the West — ed.) already going to die there all fear”, — said Rogozin.

Rogozin said that the Russian-Serbian initiative aimed at taking into account the experience and technological capabilities — aircraft fire and all sorts of means to locate a center closer to the region of southern Europe, “in order not to send forces and means in case of need, and to do that from Serbia”, as well as to provide the clearance and remediation of areas that were previously contaminated by landmines and ammunition.

Speaking about prospects of work of the organization in the Niche, the Deputy Prime Minister said it is necessary “to bring to mind”.

In the past few days Rogozin was on a visit in Serbia, where he attended the inauguration ceremony of the new President Aleksandar Vucic.