Israel has reported repeated shelling from Syria

The Golan heights

Israel-controlled part of the Golan heights were again fired from Syria. This was reported in the Sunday, June 25, Twitter the Israeli army (IDF).

“Recently, several shells fired from Syria exploded in an open area in the Northern Golan heights. Information on victims aren’t present”, — is spoken in the recording. The retaliation of the Jewish state is not reported.

On June 24 the Israeli air force attacked the positions of Syrian troops after the shelling from the Syrian territory in the province of Quneitra. In the army of the Jewish state, the incident was considered an attempt to violate the country’s sovereignty and undermine the security of its citizens, and the responsibility laid on the Syrian government.

Later, a military-diplomatic source in the Russian defense Ministry told RIA Novosti that the Israeli air force struck the armored vehicles of militants of the terrorist group “Jabhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia) and not on the positions of Syrian government forces. The Agency interlocutor noted that this is not the first attempt by extremists to provoke clashes between the two countries.

The Golan heights, for half a century controlled by Israel, is one of many disputed territories in the middle East. From 1944 to 1967, they belonged to Syria, then during the six day war were captured by the Jewish state and subsequently annexed. The UN Security Council has recognized the incident as illegal. Both Israel and Syria consider the Golan part of its territory.