British Parliament attacked by hackers

The computer network of the Parliament of great Britain was under attack. On Saturday, June 24, reported the newspaper the Telegraph.

Indicates that the attack made it impossible remote access of parliamentarians to email.

The first report of the cyber attack came on Friday evening, deputies informed computer specialists about the problems with access.

Also a record of the fact that the Parliament was under attack appeared in the account of the legislature in Twitter.

Commons Press Office (@HoCPress)
June 24, 2017, 16:48

“We recorded unauthorized attempts to gain access to accounts of users of the parliamentary network and are investigating the incident in close cooperation with the National service of cybersecurity. (…) As a precautionary measure, we have temporarily limited access to remote accounts of the parliamentary network”, — stated in the record.

May 12, the network began to spread virus-extortionist WanaCrypt0r 2.0 (aka WannaCry), causing damage to over 200 thousands of users in more than 150 countries. The malware encrypts information and requires to pay for the decipherment of a ransom of several hundred dollars.

May 16, Symantec and “Kaspersky Lab” announced that it has found evidence that a global cyber attack may be involved in hackers from North Korea. According to experts, snippets of code found in early versions of the virus WannaCry, was used as a grouping Lazarus.