The man cut the throat of his ex-wife in a shopping center in Mexico

A man killed his ex-wife in the eyes of the visitors of the shopping center in the Mexican city of Merida. On Friday, June 23, according to the publication Proseco.

The publication writes that shortly before the tragedy the couple loudly questioned the relationship, arguing about payment of the alimony on the maintenance of children. After the woman refused the offer of her ex-husband and in the hearts of said that found a new roommate, 28-year-old jealous man grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the victim in the throat.

25-year-old woman died on the spot, Mall surveillance overpowered and disarmed the criminal.

19 June in the Northern Italian town of Kirinyaga, located near Venice, was killed by 30-year-old Anastasia Shakurova and her 31-year-old friend from Naples, Biagio Junior Buonomo. The killer himself called the police and confessed to the crime, saying that he went on a crime because of jealousy.

15 March in Syktyvkar criminal case against 15-year-old, who struck the knife buddy’s ex-girlfriend from-for jealousy. The suspect wrote a confession and gave details about the incident. Earlier the young man was not prosecuted, he also is not registered.