Putin spoke about the relationship of their work to the KGB’s illegal intelligence

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the 1980-ies served in the residency of Soviet foreign intelligence in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), said that his work was associated with the illegal exploration. His memories the head of the state shared in the program “Vesti on Saturday” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

“All my work in the foreign intelligence of the USSR, was connected not just with the foreign intelligence Service, namely the illegal intelligence. And I know these people. These people are special, special qualities, special beliefs, these people are special character”, — quotes the President of the portal Вести.Ru.

According to Putin, to abandon his current life and leave the country for many years can only be elected. “I say this without any exaggeration,” he added.

The current Russian President worked in the German Democratic Republic from 1985 to 1990. Where Putin served in the territorial reconnaissance point in Dresden under cover of a post of Director of the friendship House USSR — GDR.

In recognition of the policy after returning to the Soviet Union, he voluntarily refused from the transition to the Central apparatus of the foreign intelligence service of the KGB of the USSR in Moscow. In the summer of 1991, Putin retired from the KGB.