Putin gave advice on writing

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived in Gurzuf, spoke with pupils of children’s camp “Artek”. In particular, he discussed with a girl from Donetsk, the principles of journalists ‘ work and came to the conclusion that the press should not offend the heroes of news, reports RIA Novosti.

Caught in mediathread Tanya Bondar said that the journalists, who came with the President, could tell you how to write articles and how to take reports. “What are the criteria to evaluate the events that here, I think it’s very important”, — expressed his point of view of Putin.

He continued: “Maybe that’s the point, right? And to do so, here is how one [a female participant] from Artek said to make it not hurt those against whom they make and write their stories, right?” Tanya agreed. The President, in turn, noted that such an approach is very constructive.

The conversation was observed by the journalists of the Kremlin pool.

In the “Artek” Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the seventh shift, which this year is dedicated to the American schoolgirl Samantha Smith visited the camp during the cold war.