Putin arrived in “Artek” and tried baked the kids pancakes

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Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the children’s camp “Artek” in the Crimea, reported Saturday, June 24, on the website of the Kremlin. He took part in the opening ceremony of the seventh shift.

During the visit the head of state looked into a gym, a cafeteria, classroom crafts and one of the rooms.

According to “Interfax”, in the dining room were treated to pancakes cooked by the children of “Artek”: the President praised the cakes. There’s also asked Putin to congratulate one of the Artek campers happy birthday — he handed the birthday boy pre-baked the kids birthday cake.

In the class of Handicrafts to the President gave painted Khokhloma and stylized soccer ball globe.

Putin also saw a model reconstruction of the camp, which was held in 2014. In addition, he demonstrated the progress in the construction of the “Solnechny”camp.

RIA Novosti clarifies that during his stay in “Artek” the President will communicate with children from the United States and the Donbass, but also from Japan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. All of them were born in mixed families where one parent is a citizen of Russia.

The seventh change “Artek” in 2017 on the American schoolgirl Samantha Smith, who visited the camp during the cold war.