President Siluanov made the remark during a report on the victims of the disaster



Russian President Vladimir Putin made a remark to Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov during his report on payments to victims of emergencies. On Thursday, June 22, reports “Interfax”.

During the meeting with government members President asked the head of the Ministry of Finance to comment on the issue of delay in the payment of state aid affected by the disaster, which was announced in the direct line June 15.

Siluanov reported that his Department is working in online mode. “The Treasury has given the necessary instructions to these decisions and the money that is provided for benefits listed immediately as soon as the decision is taken and defined lists in need of assistance,” — said the official. According to him, the transfer of funds takes place immediately after “the adoption of all necessary decisions.”

“Immediately-that does not work, if the day only of the event (straight line approx. “Of the”) were transferred money, so not immediately. I ask you carefully to treat this”, — said Putin.

Earlier, on 15 June, during the annual direct line of Vladimir Putin in response to a complaint of a resident of the village Krasnokumskogo instructed the Prosecutor General to check where did the money allocated by the Federal authorities to help victims of the flood residents of the Stavropol territory. The President also forwarded the matter to the Governor of the region. He said that the money was not received. Later the regional government announced that the first part allocated from the Federal budget of funds received on the evening of 15 June.