Moscow region Governor Vorobyov gave the command to close the landfill


RIA Novosti

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov gave the command to immediately close the landfill “Kuchino” for the execution of orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin. About it journalists were reported by the press service of the Governor and the government of the Moscow region.

“I gave the team tomorrow morning (June 23) to close the polygon “Kuchino” in Balashikha. Application for restoration to the government of the Russian Federation serves today. Environment Minister Cohen, and the head of Zhirkov are closing in the moment” – are words in the message Vorobyov.

The Minister of ecology of Moscow region Alexander Kogan, and head of the Balashikha city district Eugene Zhirkov are closing at the moment, the Governor explained.


During the “Straight line” June 15 residents of Balashikha near Moscow complained of is located just 200 meters from the residential quarters of the huge landfill that is the largest in the Moscow region. According to them, harmful fumes and odor interfere with the comfortable stay in the city, however, local authorities do not respond properly to treatment on this problem.

According to the environmental movement #Roseko, polygon “Kuchino” in the village Fenino the city district of Balashikha, which was discussed during the “Straight line”, was established in 1964 in place of the spent clay pit.

The total area of the landfill is more than 50 hectares, every year it hosts up to 600 thousand tonnes of waste. Residential houses are a kilometre away from the landfill and the village Fenino – 200 metres, which is contrary to sanitary regulations.

Residents in the course of communication with Russian President complained about the odors and gas which brings from the landfill by the wind.