More than 20 freight cars derailed in Transbaikalia

In Transbaikalia on the pass Zilovo — Sadira 23 freight cars derailed. On Saturday, June 24, the press service of Russian Railways (RZD).

“The incident disturbed the envelope of the adjacent track. Movement on a stage is temporarily suspended. There were no injuries, threats to environmental security is not” — said in a statement.

To address the impacts to the place of the incident sent a recovery trains from the stations “Zilovo”, “Mogocha” and “Shilka”. There went the Commission TRANS-Baikal railway.

The Railways are trying to establish the cause of the accident. The passenger trains no, added the company.

Later, “Interfax” found that the cars were loaded with metal products.

June 19 at the Kursk station in Moscow derailed the wagon train. Four people were injured. Ten days earlier the same thing happened under Saint-Petersburg.

At the end of February, reports TASS, on another stretch of track in the TRANS fell off the tracks 25 cars with coal. No one was injured, but eventually detained three passenger trains.