Media: in Mosul have at least 200 militants

Media: in Mosul have at least 200 militants

MOSCOW, June 24. /TASS/. Iraqi government forces are advancing on the last areas of the historic part of Mosul, where he took refuge at least 200 militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This was announced on Saturday by the TV channel Al-Arabiya.

According to his sources in the Iraqi commanders, in operations involving units of the army special forces, Federal police and rapid response force of the interior Ministry.

Under the control of militants is about 500 sq. m in a densely populated part of the Old town on the West Bank of the Tigris river. Most entrenched in residential buildings of fighters, snipers and suicide bombers. Over the past day managed to eliminate 115 of the militants, according to the command.

The fighting is concentrated in the quarter of El-Farouq close to the Cathedral mosque An-Nuri. A religious building, where in 2014, the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced the creation of a “Caliphate”, the terrorists razed to the ground on Wednesday. The Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi described the action as “an official Declaration of defeat” ISIS.

Campaign to expel ISIS from the second largest Iraqi city and the main stronghold of the terrorists of Mosul began in October last year. During this time, ground forces with the support of the air force of the international coalition led by the US and Iraq failed to liberate Eastern Mosul and occupy a large area on the West of the city. As stated on 22 June al-Abadi, about the liberation of Mosul will be announced in the next few days.