Intelligence agencies see foreign trace in the attempt of terrorist attack in the mosque of Mecca

Sacred mosque and the Kaaba

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia said it prevented a terrorist attack in the sacred mosque of Mecca prepared abroad. On Saturday, June 24, according to the publication SPA.

In Department believe that the attackers with the attacks wants to destabilize the situation in the country.

“The terrorist network, plans which were thwarted, violated all sanctity, posesivos on the Great mosque — the most sacred place on earth. The terrorists were guided from abroad, their goal was to disrupt security and stability in the country,” said Saudi interior Ministry.

Earlier on Saturday the secret services of Saudi Arabia failed to prevent the attack in the sacred mosque, which houses the main Muslim Shrine — the Kaaba. During the operation on elimination of a suicide bomber injured five policemen and six civilians. Arrested five people, among them a woman. About their affiliation to any terrorist organization have not yet been reported.

The interior Ministry reported that the terrorists have created a number of cells, two of which were based in Mecca and one in Jeddah. To target criminals elected pilgrims.