In the state Duma proposed to remove the remains of Soviet soldiers from Poland

Oleg Nilov

Poland may return to Russia the remains buried on its territory of Soviet soldiers who died in the great Patriotic war, the Deputy of the state Duma, Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Oleg Nilov. His words leads TASS on Friday, June 23.

“If they don’t want our grandfathers, fathers, lay in the Polish land, return all the remains of our soldiers, exhume with honor, as it should be. We will find a way where to place these cemeteries,” said the MP.

Nilov also said that the Polish authorities may transfer Russian and Soviet monuments, which are planned to destroy.

On 22 June, the Polish Sejm approved the amendments to the law on prohibition of Communist propaganda, according to which all the memorials of the Soviet era needs to be demolished.

The head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky (LDPR), called the decision “a desecration of the memory” of people who protected the poles from the Nazi troops. He stressed that especially cynically it looks in Day of memory and grief. The adoption of the amendments and criticized the Deputy speakers of the lower house of Parliament Irina Yarovaya (United Russia) and Ivan Melnikov (CPRF).

Mass demolition of Soviet monuments began in Poland a year ago. In March 2016, it became known that the authorities decided to dismantle around 500 memorials.