In a mass fight in Germany injured 15 police officers

A mass brawl between football fans and migrants occurred in Magdeburg (Germany). As reported by a local radio station Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk, it happened in the city centre in the night of Saturday, June 24. As a result, injured 15 police officers, one of them hospitalized.

According to the estimates of law enforcement bodies, in all the clashes was attended by about 150 people. Some of them were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. What was the reason to start riots, set.

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24 June 2017, 10:29

In order to pacify the fighters, involved more than 100 police officers, it took them a few hours. Against some of the violators were prosecuted for assaulting law enforcement officers and causing damage.

In January, the Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang schäuble acknowledged that government adopted the decision about the mass admission of refugees was a mistake. For their maintenance in 2016, took a total of 20 billion euros.

In 2015 the EU, the crisis erupted because of the influx of refugees. Then we moved to Germany about a million migrants from middle Eastern countries, in 2016, the number of refugees dropped to 280 thousand people.