CNN removed the material about the investigation of the relationships of the team trump with RDIF

Anthony’s Scaramucci

From the website of the American channel CNN removes material devoted to the investigation of possible links Anthony of Scaramucci, former US presidential Advisor Donald trump on interaction with the business with Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF). About it reports on Saturday, June 24, Rambler News Service.

The article “Congress to probe connection, the Russian investment Fund with officials trump” was published on June 22. Now it is not available, the channel apologized to Scaramucci. “This article did not meet the editorial standards of CNN and was removed. Material-deactivated”, — stated in the message.

RDIF after publication informed CNN about the actual errors in the text, notes RNS. In particular, the article claimed that Vnesheconombank supposedly oversees the Fund, although in reality it is an independent activity.

June 16, trump noted that “after seven months of investigations and Committee hearings about my “links with the Russian” no one has been able to present any evidence.”

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election with the help of hackers. American journalists and officials asserted that they allegedly kidnapped the correspondence of the Democrats, and later posted on the Internet, and tried to penetrate into the electronic system of counting of votes. Moscow denies such accusations. President Vladimir Putin did not rule out that the mysterious hackers could be based in the United States.

Scaramucci — American financier and entrepreneur. Known as the founder and one of the leaders of the investment company SkyBridge Capital. He was an Advisor to trump on the transition team.