WP found out about Obama’s plans to introduce “cyberbaby” in Russian infrastructure

WP found out about Obama’s plans to introduce “cyberbaby” in Russian infrastructure

The Obama administration received a report from the CIA about a possible Russian intervention in elections in August 2016. Until the end of Obama’s term, the White house plans answer. Now the President trump will decide whether to use them, the newspaper said.

The report about the alleged Russian interference in elections in the United States, the CIA gave the White house no later than August 2016, since then, the Obama administration picked up the available options. The Washingont Post learned details about the decisions taken in the White house.

Among the options considered was a cyber attack on the system infrastructure of Russia, the publication of the collected dirt the CIA, “which could embarrass President Vladimir Putin,” and the sanctions, which according to interlocutors WP, could greatly harm the Russian economy.

As you know, the Obama administration at the end of December 2016 has taken concrete action — sent 35 Russian diplomats and shut down access to two suburban residences of the Russian mission in the United States. The property administration is Donald trump still could not return to Russia.

However, as found by the Washington Post, the former President endorsed the other answer — a secret plan that allows you to implement cyber weapons in the Russian system infrastructure — “the digital equivalent of bombs that can be brought into action if Washington would be in conflict with Moscow.” These clandestine measures were still at the planning stage, when Obama left the White house.

Now the President trump will decide whether to use this возможностьWashington Post

The information transmitted to the White house, were collected from sources in the Russian government, it followed that “President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the presidential race in the United States.”

“Intelligence has intercepted the specific instructions of Putin is to damage the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and to help elect her opponent Donald Trump,” writes the newspaper.

Attacks on the servers of the Democratic party that are attributed to “hackers associated with the Russian special services”, occurred in the course of the year until the summer of 2016, says the publication. In July, the FBI opened an investigation on the relationship of the tramp with Russia, and 22 of the same month 20 thousand letters of the National Committee of the Democratic party was in WikiLeaks.

The report, sent to the White house from the CIA, were immediately returned to the secret service, meetings on possible cyber attacks Russia ex-President Barack Obama spent the same security protocols that the discussion of the operation against Osama bin Laden.

But retaliatory sanctions the Obama administration imposed only at the end of his term. Publishing sources say that August was too late to prevent the transmission of the letters of the democratic party, WikiLeaks and other correspondence, which was published subsequently. At the same time surrounded by ex-President assured that the number of warnings, including personal, that Obama made to Putin in September, prompted Moscow to abandon plans for further cyber attacks, such as hacking of voting systems.