The stream of “Prom 2017” the social network “Vkontakte” has been watched more than 1.9 million people

The stream of “Prom 2017” the social network “Vkontakte” has been watched more than 1.9 million people

Sergey Lazarev, Egor Krid, Dmitry Malikov and Victoria Dayneko told about his graduation and answered questions from the school course.

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. More than 1.9 million users of the social network “Vkontakte” was seen live concert of the project “Graduation 2017”. Leading special issue #VKLive with the participation of Sergey Lazarev, Egor creed, Dmitry Malikov, Victoria Dayneko and other musicians and entertainers were Ekaterina Barnabas and Alexander Gudkov.

The invited artists spoke about their graduation and answered questions from the school course.

At 16:00 Moscow time in the framework of the teleconference will be held incorporating with the stream of the concert band IOWA school-winner of the “Prom 2017” gymnasium named Podolsk cadets in Klimovsk. The graduates of the two other schools that qualified for the final, Moscow Lyceum № 1581 computer. Bauman and school No. 10 of kovrova — will receive tickets to the festival concert VK Fest, which will take place in Saint Petersburg on 15 and 16 July.

Also in the community, “Prom 2017,” the social network published an appeal of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The recording had been viewed more than 1 million people.

“Today you looking into the future, into a new, adult life, some of you have already determined your future plans, someone else is thinking, thinking about it. Try, go for it, make decisions, do not be afraid of their ambitions and the setting of the goal, achieve that may no one else ever has. Our country, our Motherland — Russia — hopes for you, needs your energy, your talents. Good luck to you too!” — wished the graduates the head of state.

“Graduation 2017”

In may the social network “Vkontakte” launched the project “Graduation 2017” — all graduates of this year who reported information in the profile has received an offer to join the chat with classmates and students of parallel classes, the conversation created automatically. For graduates, there are special stickers and other exclusive content. According to the social network, participation in the action was about 520 thousand people — more than 80% of graduates this year. More than 300 thousand high school students received digital yearbooks.

Part of the project was a competition for the most creative video about finishing school. The organizers received more than 1,500 applications. The winners were selected by representatives of “Vkontakte” and a group of IOWA.

“VKontakte” — the largest European social network. Every month the resource is visited by more than 95 million users, and the number of users on mobile devices reaches 78 million people. Active audience built-in messenger “Vkontakte” is 82 million people a month.