The police denied any involvement in the examination of blood “drunk boy”

The police denied any involvement in the examination of blood “drunk boy”

As found “Газета.Ru” in samples of dry blood who died in an accident six year old boy in the suburbs experts from the special Commission failed to detect alcohol.

These results contradict earlier conclusions of the examination of the Investigative Committee. Meanwhile, the technical examination showed that regardless of the condition of the child, the driver of the Kia Olga beneficial could avoid a collision.

The scandalous case of the death of a child in a car accident in the suburbs there were the results of autotechnical expert appraisal, which indicate that the death of 6-year-old boy could prevent competent actions of the driver.

“The examination confirmed that the driver was able to avoid hitting a child by the application of emergency braking”, — TASS quoted the head of the press service GU MVD Moscow region Tatyana Petrov. Petrova was unavailable for comment, but in the press-service of the Department confirm the accuracy of her statement to the news Agency could not.

Meanwhile, as described “Газете.Ru” the father of the deceased in road accident in Moscow suburbs six year old boy Roman Shimko, during another examination, the CSIS are unable to detect in blood samples of his son traces of alcohol. This became known after the first results obtained through the due diligence carried out by the Commission with participation of experts of the INSTITUTION “Bureau of forensic medical examination” of the Moscow region and the forensic science center of research Affairs of the Moscow region.

In the analysis of the examined samples of dried blood the boy received from the fabric cover of the car Hyundai Solaris, the wheels which were six-year-old Alex Shimko. After the accident the boy got out from under the car and temporarily put into the cabin, where the traces of blood.

As stated in the conclusions of experts, to identify the presence of ethanol and acetaldehyde in the provided blood samples.

“To establish the presence of ethanol and acetaldehyde is not possible due to their volatility in the study two dry gauze swabs with swabs containing blood Shimko A. R.”, — said in the conclusion.

Previously the Investigative Committee confirmed that in the blood of six-year-old boy, who died in a traffic accident in Balashikha, discovered alcohol. This was reported on the website of the Department of insurance in the Moscow region. Then the SC recalled that the first expert’s conclusion, it was stated that the blood of the victim found alcohol, the content of which was 2.7 ppm. At the same time,

According to the report, it can be concluded that the presence of alcohol experts SK as detected in blood samples taken from the body of the boy, and in samples of dry blood that was left on the case inside the machine.

“Investigators of the regional investigative Committee was taken blood samples of the deceased with the installed alcohol and the molecular-genetic examination in the Main Department of criminalistics of investigatory Committee of Russia, according to which the blood belongs to a minor victim, — reported in the UK. Investigators also found and seized blood from the boy in the car of the accused on criminal case about road accident. According to conclusions it is judicial-chemical examination, in a specified blood alcohol. SK intends to establish the circumstances of in vivo use by child alcohol.”

As stated “Газете.Ru” the lawyer of the Roman Shimko, the conclusion of the study “formulated specific”. “It States that the presence of ethanol and acetaldehyde in the blood trail failed to install due to their volatility.

That is, again, there’s some “excuse”. What about the volatility question, if these substances are not originally in the baby’s blood. It is important to look for how the blood got this alcohol, the lawyer said.

The lawyer also added that the results of this study will not affect your choice of measure of responsibility for Olga Alisovoy. About the same already said attorney shot down the child Olga Alisovoy Natalia Kurakina. According to her, examination of the data will not be considered by investigators in the case of an accident with “drunk boy”.

In an interview with “Газетой.Ru” the lawyer said that the defense of his client intends to build without taking into account the results of the examination. According to the lawyer of Alisovoy, she couldn’t see the child because of the parked cars on the side.

“We will insist on holding a re-enactment and recreation of a picture of what happened,” said Kurakin.

“2.7 ppm is a lethal dose”

In turn, the head of Department is judicial-medical examination of the First MSMU n. a. Sechenov Yuri Pigolkin in an interview with “Газетой.Ru” he said that the spots of dried blood is impossible to determine whether there was alcohol in it.

“They took the traces of blood on the gauze, checked, of course, they found nothing there. It’s done on purpose to distract people from the hype” — he said.

According to Pigolkina, the investigative authorities now must focus not on the repeat blood tests and to figure out how the alcohol could enter the body of the child or taken by the experts of the sample.

“The child was clearly sober, 2.7 ppm is a lethal dose for him, he would be in such a state could neither walk, nor play, — the expert believes. — Investigators now are doing something wrong.

Why to reexamine if re-examination has shown that alcohol in the blood was that the blood really belonged to the lost boy is now the law enforcers should establish how alcohol can get at these samples.

Meanwhile, the question “Газеты.Ru” about the data re-examination in GU MVD of Russia Moscow region said that the expert-criminalistic center of the Ministry examination for establishing the presence and amount of alcohol in the blood is not carried out, these studies are the responsibility of the INSTITUTION “Bureau of forensic medical examination” of the Moscow region.

“Alcohol is deliberately injected into the liver”

Recall that the resonant road accident in Moscow took place on 23 April in Balashikha. 31-year-old motorist Olga beneficial behind the wheel of the Hyundai Solaris in the yard was hit by the boy. In June, the investigator called the boy’s father and handed him the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination which had established that in the blood of his son in an accident, found 2.7 per Mille of alcohol. Considering the weight of the child, according to the experts it is said that before the accident the child drank approximately 100-200 grams of vodka.

As told in an interview “Газете.Ru” the boy’s father Roman Shimko, it is sure that alcohol couldn’t get into the body of his son during his life, all day before the incident, the boy spent at home under adult supervision.

According to father, spirit intentionally injected into the liver of his child with a syringe in order to represent the accident as the accident that was the fault of the child or his parents, who allegedly did not follow him.

“Газета.Ru” earlier I discussed the situation with the doctor-psychiatrist Alexander Kovtun. According to him, to explain from the point of view of modern scientific knowledge in the field of addiction medicine and a medical examination for intoxication to assess this result, in which the blood alcohol showed a 2.7 per Mille of alcohol is not possible.

“When I worked for several years adolescent psychiatrist, there were times that the boys 11 years met alcohol samples. But mostly it was the light spirits. And secondly, it was vodka and everything else.

If the child was six years old and weighed approximately 20 kg, he should drink 100 to 200 ml of vodka to the peak concentration of alcohol in some point reached the level of 2.7 ppm.

That, in my opinion, impossible. Because drunk so the child will stagger or even can’t stand up. So he was able to walk, to run, to speak coherently, the child must be a strong degree of habituation to such concentrations, — said the expert.