The police called the cause of the fire at Grenfell tower

The police called the cause of the fire at Grenfell tower

London police officially confirmed that the cause of the fire in an apartment building, Grenfell tower, which killed 79 people, was the ignition of the fridge in one of the apartments.


The police also confirmed that the home’s exterior, which journalists have long believed the reason for the incredibly rapid spread of fire through the building, do not meet the requirements of fire safety.

A day earlier, Theresa may said that the facades of several buildings in England faced with the same inflammable material as Grenfell tower.

Experts on fire safety in droves — about 100 a day — check out the high-rise building in London. As expected, the results of the audit will be made public at the end of the week.

A fire in a 24-storey residential building in West London broke out on June 14.

According to witnesses, the fire quickly spread throughout the height of the building immediately after fire in the cladding of the facade.

The investigation suggests that during last year’s repair of Grenfell tower contractor faced the building is not fire-resistant, and cheaper panels with a combustion-based of plastic.

Earlier Theresa may has ordered a full-scale public inquiry into the causes of the fire.

On Wednesday in the Wake of criticism has resigned the head of the municipal Council of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, in the territory of which was a burnt-out skyscraper.

As stated by may in Parliament, the local government “is not able to cope with the consequences of the fire” and therefore the decision to resign was the right one.