The number who passed the exam in Russian language on the deuce in 2017 has decreased in 1,5 times

The number of students who have passed the mandatory exam on the Russian language at impassable points in 2017 decreased by half. This was stated by the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov, his words are quoted by the press service of the Ministry.

Kravtsov noted that this figure does not take into account the results of mulligans, which had not yet taken place. He said that in Russian language the minimum threshold of 24 points is not broke just 0.5 percent of students (1 percent in 2016). Undergraduate pass level 36 points, failed to reach 1.6% of graduates (compared to 2.5 percent in 2016).

Retake the exam on the Russian language will be held on 29 June. Checking and processing of the results of this year has passed faster than normal, according to the Agency, so anyone can see their score before they are due for five days, June 22.

The exam on the Russian language of the Russian students passed on 9 June. Earlier, on 5 June, took an examination in social studies. He became the most popular of those that you can choose, he decided to write nearly 60 percent of high school students.

High school graduates are required to pass the exam in Russian language and mathematics. Also, students independently chose to take the exam a few items they need for admission to the University. 2020 will follow a compulsory history exam.