The generals abolished the residency requirement in the election to the Federation Council

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading the draft law abolishing the residency requirement for representatives of senior officers, delegated to the Federation Council. On Friday, June 23, reports TASS.

The bill was submitted to the lower house of Parliament on 1 June. The authors were senators Andrei Klishas Andrey Kutepov.

As noted in the explanatory note, “the highest officer and the management team can be sent in long business trip for service in a variety of subjects of the Russian Federation”. Thus, the authors pointed out, the military can not meet the requirement of long-term stay in a particular region.

In December 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law abolishing the 20-year residency requirement for Russian ambassadors who intend to take a seat in the Federation Council. The decision was due to the fact that diplomats working for a long time abroad.

Under the current wording of the law on the procedure of forming the upper house of Parliament, a candidate for the Senate seat must live in the region, from which extends, at least 20 years in aggregate or not less than five years before the appointment.

This requirement also does not apply to employees of power structures, regional and municipal officials, deputies of the state Duma and senators, and members of the presidential quota — the head of state has the right to appoint to the Federation Council on 17 their representatives.