The former leader of the Khmer Rouge justified for Pol Pot and the genocide

Khieu Samphan

One of the former leaders of the regime “Khmer Rouge”, Khieu Samphan, the formal head of Kampuchea in the years 1976-1979, has been the main leader of Pol Pot. It is reported by the Phnom Penh Post.

According to him, representatives of the movement had not carried out the genocide. “The Communist party of Kampuchea did not destroy their own people!” he said the last word in court in Phnom Penh, considering the accusations of mass killings of Vietnamese propaganda.

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According to him, the purpose of government was not to make people slaves of Pol Pot, and to raise the country and recover its economy after the civil war.

The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia (then called Kampuchea) from 1975 to 1979 until he was overthrown by Vietnamese troops. During this time, in the course of reprisals and forced ogranizatsii died, according to various estimates, from one to three million people — almost a quarter of the population.

Earlier, Khieu Samphan and other leaders of the movement, Nuon Chea, has already been sentenced to life imprisonment for the forcible resettlement of residents in villages and massacres that accompanied this process.