The Europeans predicted the release of the new countries of the EU

Following the UK from the EU can get out and other countries. So consider the majority of inhabitants of the largest countries in Europe: it follows from the survey, which in the framework of the project “Sputnik.Opinion” conducted by the French polling company IFop.

According to the study, 52 percent of Germans, 57 percent of Italians and 64 percent of British citizens expressed the opinion that at least one EU country will leave the interstate Association. While 55 percent British, 50 percent of Italians, 42% of French and 39 percent of Germans have suggested that leaving the EU may have several States.

28 March, Prime Minister Theresa may has signed a letter notifying authorities of the European Union about the formal start of procedure Brexit. The talks will take two years. The decision to withdraw Britain from the EU were adopted by referendum on 23 June 2016.

May 30, she said that the country could leave the EU without signing a special agreement with Brussels. This may be the case if the United Kingdom does not agree with the terms Brexit put forward by the European Union.