The Bundestag has canceled all post-war sentences for homosexuality

Convicted after the war, German gay rehabilitated, they will be paid compensation. This decision was unanimously adopted by the deputies of the Bundestag, Deutsche Welle (DW).

Victims relies lump sum the size of three thousand euros, plus fifteen thousand for every started year.

The Minister of justice of Germany Heiko Maas called the decision “a late act of justice”. According to estimates of Department headed by it, for compensation will address up to five thousand people.

It clarifies the Russian version of DW, at the last moment before the vote, deputies from the Christian democratic Union (CDU) and Christian social Union (CSU) excluded from the program of compensation of persons convicted of homosexual acts with adolescents under 16 years.

Paragraph 175 of the Criminal code, envisaging criminal liability for homosexual relations between men, appeared in Germany even under the Kaiser and was used extensively during the Nazi period. The article remained in the criminal code of the FRG and the GDR after 1945. In 1968, the law abolished in the GDR, a year later, he was relaxed and in West Germany, and finally it was removed from the criminal code only in 1994.